For Tenants

As a tenant you have certain rights with regards to repairs, your security deposit  being dispossessed from the residence and increases in rent. Here at the Hughes Law Firm I enjoy making sure tenants know there rights and helping the tenant get the proper relief when the Landlord fails to honor his legal obligations. A brief overview of tenants rights is discussed below. 


Failure to repair

Generally your landlord has the obligation to make necessary repairs with a reasonable amount of time. When the landlord fails to make those repairs you may be entitled to recover damages from the landlord.


Wrongful Eviction

In order to be evicted under Georgia Law your Landlord must file for the eviction and get a writ of possession. If your landlord has failed to do so and your possessions are wrongly removed from the property or your wrongly refused entry you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Security deposits

Another issue tenants have is that the landlord fails to return the security deposit. Under the Statute there are a number of requirements that must be met in order to keep the security deposit.  

Change in Rent and Dispossessory Proceedings

Sometimes a Landlord will attempt to increase the amount of monthly rent. His ability to do so depends on you status as a renter, do you have a valid lease agreement, are you a tenant at will, holding over or a tenant at sufferance.

Tenants may also find themselves in a situation where they stopped paying rent because repairs have not been made. Sometimes a tenant is allowed to withhold rent under the doctrine of constructive eviction.

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